June 5, 2020


– Daily thoughts to go.

Latest entries

  • Lifes illusions

    Is a lie a fake or fictional reality?

  • Time thoughts

    Who thinks more about his future must worry less about his past.

  • Deciding future

    Someone can only reach something,
    If he have created the right conditions before.

    Or he is lucky, but noone is lucky forever.

  • Humans want to be different,

    Although everyone is unique,

    by nature, people are almost the same.

    Only habits separate them from each other.

  • World Population

    We are never alone,

    but we can forget that we’re not.

  • Life is a magical mirror

    Who misuses trust too often may not trust himself any more.

  • Find yourself

    You cant find yourself through other people’s problems.

  • A planet in a goldfish bowl

    If the solar system is an oasis of life in the desert,

    what do you encounter when you leave the desert?

  • Willpowers destiny

    The only thing that can be stronger than will is destiny itself.

  • Hidden phaths

    No one knows where he’s going until he goes.